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Balanced Scorecard Courses

We offer three "step-by-step" Balanced Scorecard Executive Education Courses. At Bob Paladino & Associates, we have the only step-by-step training developed and endorsed by Bob Paladino, who directed Crown Castle's performance management program that earned Drs. Kaplan and Norton's Global Balanced Scorecard Hall of Fame Award. Bob has worked with over a dozen Balanced Scorecard Hall of Fame winners.

Hall of Fame Case Study Results

Our course has helped businesses improve cash flow by $500 million, and increased employee satisfaction by more than 25%. It also increased customer satisfaction by more than 30% while reducing order to cash cycle time by more than 75%. Additionally, it increased best practice usage across the board.

What Clients Have to Say

"Bob Paladino's observations and principles are firmly rooted in the Kaplan/Norton Strategy Focused Organization (SFO) Methodology."
— David P. Norton, Inventor, Balanced Scorecard and Strategy Focused Organization concepts

"Very practical examples and need for theory"
— U.S. Army

"The instructor actually won the Hall of Fame Award and has real life experience"
— Proctor & Gamble

"The training is so clear and easy to follow. We saved so much time"
— Visa

What You Will Get

In addition to an unparalleled learning experience, you'll receive a variety of exclusive course materials based on hundreds of implementations. These materials include:

  • Balanced Scorecard Practitioners Guidebooks Containing Hundreds Of Pages Of Examples
  • Balanced Scorecard Practitioners Breakout Cases To Reuse With Your Teams
  • Drs. Kaplan & Norton's Harvard Business School Global Best Selling Books
  • Wiley & Sons Global Best Selling Book From Bob Paladino "Five Key Principles Of Corporate Performance Management"
  • Harvard Business School's In Depth Crown Castle International Hall Of Fame Case Study
  • Identify Measures, Targets, & Initiatives; Cascade Measures, Link To Compensation, Much More
  • Commercial, Government & Not for Profit Cases Also Shared Networking & Group Breakout Sessions & Receptions
  • Learn In Great Venues In Leading "Destination" Cities With Great Golf, Shopping, & Restaurants

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Five Key Principles of Corporate Performance Management Innovative Corporate Performance Management: Five Key Principles to Accelerate Results Corporate Performance Management Best Practices: A Case Study Approach to Accelerating CPM Results