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Bob Paladino & Associates' Management System

Bob Paladino & Associates has tailored our management system to ensure that you get Balanced Scorecard results. These results will translate to better employee satisfaction, a bigger bottom line, and happier customers.

Balanced Scorecard/Hall of Fame Enterprise Results

Government, public, and private enterprises have implemented the Balanced Scorecard to achieve remarkable results. Some examples from dozens awarded can be viewed below.


Within two years of introducing the Balanced Scorecard management system, Mobil North American Marketing and Refining enjoyed a wide range of successes:

  • First Of All, It Soared From Dead Last In Profitability Among Its Industry Peers To First Place & Remained In That Position Four Years In a Row-an Accomplishment Unequaled By Any Previous Industry Competitor
  • The Division Also Enjoyed a 20% Reduction In the Cost Of Refining, Marketing, & Delivering a Gallon Of Gasoline - & Its Capacity Utilization Yields Improved By $125M Per Year
  • Safety Incidents Resulting In Lost Work Were Reduced By a Factor Of 5 - There Were Benefits To the Community As Well -- Environmental Incidents Were Reduced By 63%
  • Finally, There Was an Increase From 20% To 80% In Employees Who Understand the Business Strategy

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Hilton Hotels

Here are some results achieved two years after the Balanced Scorecard was introduced:

  • Hilton Hotel's Market Revenue Index Increased From 104% To 106% Of Local Competitive Market
  • Guest Loyalty Climbed 48% To 53%
  • EBITDA Margin for Hilton Was 300 Basis Points Above the Industry Averages


Wendy's market cap is now $3 billion, up from $2.5 billion before they implemented the BSC; financial and non-financial results:

  • System Wide Sales Up 12.7%
  • Revenues Up 14.2% To an All-Time High
  • Net Income Up 13.0%, EPS Up 14.5%
  • Market Cap Up 20% , Stock Price Up 75%
  • Enterprise-Wide Strategic Plan, With Business Units Aligned Around That Plan Improved Service Excellence Measures for Wendy's
  • Documented & Improved Speed Of Service for Tim Hortons
  • Improved Ratings On Wendy's & Tim Hortons Attributes
  • Staff Turnover Reduced From 170% Per Year To 140% Per Year Against Industry Average Of 250%

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